Sunset Overdrive 8 Player Co-Op Confirmed

Eight player online Co-op has been confirmed for Sunset Overdrive thanks to the Xbox web-page.  There has been an update, they have since removed it from the Xbox site so please see the screenshot below:

“Mayhem and friends
Join forces in the 8-player cooperative experience Chaos Squad. Tackle a variety of objectives throughout the city, survive epic battles against countless enemies, and earn awesome in-game rewards.”



I’ve been asked to provide a full screen of the web-page that was taken down, see below:


If you would like to check out a video about exploring the city & quests that will be featured in the game, then check out our article:

Sunset Overdrive: Exploring The City & Quests

Expect more news to be released on Monday when Microsoft holds their E3 conference.

Stay tuned to G4X for all of your Xbox news!


7 thoughts on “Sunset Overdrive 8 Player Co-Op Confirmed

  1. Woah!!! That is a game changer! 8 player co-op sounds fantastic! I was already all in, but now…wow! I NEED ti get this day one!


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